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Driving instructors and driving schools in B1

One2one Driving School 
Tel 2:
0844 4145 121
Email: email this school   Website:www.one2onedrivingschool.com
One2one Driving School specialise in providing Manual & Automatic Intensive Driving Courses with or without a Theory Test included to clients throughout most of the UK, via a network of instructors.

These types of courses are sometimes called One Week Intensive Driving Courses, One Week Intensive Driving Lessons, One Week Crash Course Driving Lessons, One Week Driving Courses or Fast Pass Courses

With a team of dedicated, fully qualified, approved driving instructors, experienced in providing intensive one week and two week driving courses, One 2 one driving school has a professional team, qualified to take the student through their practical test, in as short a time as possible, whilst still maintaining a high quality service.

Learning to drive, is a lifelong skill which should be both enjoyed and taken pride in.

One2one Driving School provides driving courses ranging from a one day re-test course for someone who has recently failed a test ranging up to and including two week driving courses, designed for someone who needs that little extra time to take the information in. The range also includes the popular guaranteed pass course, which provides unlimited training and unlimited practical tests until you pass your driving test. - GUARANTEED.

This is a small list of some of our driving courses:- 5 hour & 10 hour re-test courses, 15 hour crash courses, 20 hour intensive driving courses, 25 hour driving courses, 30 hour one week pass courses, 35 hour intensive lesson courses, 40 hour pass your test courses, 45 hour learner courses, 50 hour fast pass courses and our popular guaranteed pass course.

To view our courses and prices click on the following link:- www.one2onedrivingschool.com/prices

One2one Driving School has a wide range of customers ranging from people who need to learn urgently for their job, students who want to get the driving test done during holidays, to people living abroad temporarily who wish to return to take their test in the UK to obtain one of the most recognised driving licences throughout the world.

One2one Driving School instructors have experience in training new drivers from scratch, to the person who has perhaps failed a test a few years ago and didnt carry on.

Many of the instructors have been involved in instructor training and have experience of advanced driver training.

Eco friendly driving school - Tel: 075112043800.4km (0.3m)
412 trident house, granville sqare, birmingham  B15 1UFadvertise me

BSM - Tel: 0121-236 62950.8km (0.5m)
21 Colmore Row, Birmingham  B3 2BHadvertise me

Lifesavers Educators Of Safe Driving - Tel: 0121-558 09990.8km (0.5m)
Studio 350 27 Colmore Row, Birmingham  B3 2EWadvertise me

FEMALE AUTOMATIC DRIVING SCHOOL - Tel: 077692189590.9km (0.6m)
New St, Birmingham  B2 4PAadvertise me

Eurodrive - Tel: 0121-622 41511.5km (1.0m)
1 Rea St, Birmingham  B5 6HAadvertise me

Safe Drive - Tel: 0121-523 41752.1km (1.3m)
19 Navigation Way, Birmingham, Hockley  B18 5RUadvertise me

Boss Driving Academy - Tel: 0121-523 63222.6km (1.6m)
29 Soho Av, Birmingham  B18 5LBadvertise me

Portland School Of Motoring - Tel: 0121-429 59713.2km (2.0m)
238 Portland Rd, Birmingham  B17 8LRadvertise me

Birmingham Driving School - Tel: 0121-429 52263.5km (2.2m)
77 Selsey Rd, Birmingham  B17 8JRadvertise me

Campbells PCV - Tel: 0121-551 33833.6km (2.2m)
70 Sycamore Rd, Birmingham, Handsworth  B21 0QLadvertise me

Power Drive - Tel: 0781 55 44 5653.6km (2.2m)
21 Newbridge Road, Birmingham  B9advertise me

Drivetime - Tel: 0121-356 84633.6km (2.3m)
1 Livingstone Rd, Birmingham, Handsworth  B20 3LSadvertise me

Drivetime - Tel: 0121-772 00203.8km (2.4m)
124 Newton Rd, Birmingham, Sparkhill  B11 4PSadvertise me

Allert Plus - Tel: 0121-247 67563.8km (2.4m)
57 Whitehall Rd, Birmingham, Small Heath  B9 5ELadvertise me

Imperial Drive School Of Motoring - Tel: 0121-773 10934.0km (2.5m)
140 Imperial Rd, Birmingham  B9 5HFadvertise me

Star Driver - Tel: 0121-532 37154.0km (2.5m)
1 Linden Rd, Smethwick  B66 4DZadvertise me

jo and bro driving academy - Tel: 07878 7917374.0km (2.5m)
1 linden rd, Bearwood, West mids  B66 4DZadvertise me

Local School Of Motoring - Tel: 0121-429 81824.1km (2.5m)
424 Bearwood Rd, Smethwick  B66 4EYadvertise me

Rahmans - Tel: 0121-753 27004.2km (2.6m)
171 Somerville Rd, Birmingham  B10 9EYadvertise me

Dr L Test - Tel: 079779164964.6km (2.9m)
174 heather rd  B10 9TBadvertise me

Colins School Of Motoring - Tel: 07973 1851304.6km (2.9m)
35 Hillfield Rd, Birmingham  B11 3LHadvertise me

Fry Luke - Tel: 07789 4452794.7km (2.9m)
41 Rathbone Rd, Smethwick  B67 5JGadvertise me

Birmingham Driving - Tel: 077846209264.7km (2.9m)
2 Oakwood Road, , Birmingham, , West Midlands  B11 4HAadvertise me

Arden Lodge - Tel: 0121-356 68804.7km (2.9m)
88 Pendragon Rd, Birmingham  B42 1RJadvertise me

Driving.Com School of Excellence Ltd - Tel: 078555220514.8km (3.0m)
Heather Road, Small Heath, Birmingham  B10 9BEadvertise me

Focus school of motoring - Tel: 08000 24 24 964.8km (3.0m)
18 Winnie Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham  B29 6JXadvertise me

King L Driving School - Tel: 07944 0976714.8km (3.0m)
64 Bramley Dr, Birmingham, Handsworth  B20 2LPadvertise me

Learn 2 Drive - Tel: 0121-241 37274.8km (3.0m)
103 Cranbrook Rd, Birmingham  B21 8PFadvertise me

A Q DRIVING SCHOOL - Tel: 079571398194.8km (3.0m)

AQ DRIVING SCHOOL - Tel: 079719226214.8km (3.0m)

Drivecoach Driving School Birmingham - Tel: 012148800954.9km (3.1m)
48 Broadway Avenue, Birmingham  B9 5FDadvertise me

Londonderry - Tel: 0121-565 05374.9km (3.1m)
80 Londonderry La, Smethwick  B67 7EYadvertise me

Joys - Tel: 07886 0876164.9km (3.1m)
28 Manor Rd, Smethwick  B67 6SBadvertise me

Micra - Tel: 0121-551 24115.2km (3.2m)
201 Cherry Orchard Rd, Birmingham  B20 2NGadvertise me

Hothi School of Motoring - Tel: 0121-523 98275.2km (3.2m)
142 Grestone Av, Birmingham  B20 1LDadvertise me

umaz driving school - Tel: 07966 0553415.5km (3.4m)
38 holly lane, smethwick, west midlands  B67 7JDadvertise me

Maruf School of Motoring - Tel: 079507161285.5km (3.4m)
32 Berkeley Road East, Hay Mills, South Yardley, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK  B25 8NPadvertise me

Warley Driving School - Tel: 07800 6832235.5km (3.4m)
23 Brian Rd, Smethwick  B67 7LQadvertise me

Craigs Driving School - Tel: 07813 0518395.6km (3.5m)
29 Oxford St, Birmingham, Stirchley  B30 2LHadvertise me

Hutchins M - Tel: 0121-422 58925.7km (3.5m)
96 Ridgacre Rd, Birmingham  B32 2TWadvertise me

easy step driving school - Tel: 07710 6738095.7km (3.5m)
27.princess road oldbury  B68 9PXadvertise me

Smith Malcolm - Tel: 0121-429 16035.7km (3.5m)
63 Elizabeth Cres, Oldbury  B68 9PRadvertise me

PASS2SUCCESS School of Motoring - Tel: 5.9km (3.7m)
  B42 1QSadvertise me

Pass2success school of motoring - Tel: 07866 5522115.9km (3.7m)
14 Dorrington Road, Great Barr, Birmingham  B42 1QSadvertise me

Strive2Drive - Tel: 07595 739 5856.2km (3.8m)
strive2drive, Great Barr, Birmingham  B42advertise me

Drive-Inn - Tel: 07962 1184266.2km (3.9m)
130 Fieldhouse Rd, Birmingham  B25 8SNadvertise me

Girl Power - Tel: 0870-919 23976.3km (3.9m)
16B Shaftmoor La, Birmingham, Acocks Green  B27 7RSadvertise me

Golden Steve - Tel: 0121-422 47606.4km (4.0m)
23 Grayswood Pk Rd, Birmingham  B32 1HFadvertise me

North Birmingham Training Ltd - Tel: 0121-373 85576.4km (4.0m)
38 Wood La, Birmingham, Erdington  B24 9QLadvertise me

Pass With Tass - Tel: 0121-544 43786.5km (4.0m)
31 Brandhall Rd, Oldbury  B68 8DPadvertise me

Fabulous School of Motoring - Tel: 077733982606.5km (4.1m)
Beeches, Beeches Road, Birmingham  B42 2HGadvertise me
Driving schools and driving instructors for B1
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